Love Before Breakfast (1936) Love%20Before%20Breakfast.htm Unless otherwise noted, all images are my own
Love%20Before%20Breakfast.htm Unless otherwise noted, all images are my own

Carole Lombard, the queen of comedy, is back with another 1936 film called Love Before Breakfast.  And I’ll definitely talk about that black eye.

It was adapted from Faith Baldwin’s short story “Spinster Dinner,” so you know it’s gonna be good…

But maybe not, since Faith Baldwin no longer enjoys the cultural cachet she once did.  She was an astonishingly prolific and popular author who wrote 85 novels and loads of short stories over a fifty year career beginning in the 1920s.  She was most popular in the 1930s, and raked in the equivalent of about four million dollars in 1936 alone.

Love Before Breakfast is just one of many of Baldwin’s stories and novels adapted for the silver screen; she’s the pen behind Wife vs. Secretary (1935), Men Are Such Fools (1936), The Office Wife (1934), and Comet Over Broadway (1938), among others.  The first three titles should give you a good idea of her themes, and “Spinster Dinner” is pretty revealing, too.

I really can’t account for the film’s title.  “Spinster Dinner” is rather off-putting, but I don’t know where they got Love for Breakfast.  Breakfast isn’t a key plot point.  Lombard doesn’t fall in love before breakfast, or at a diner, and there’s no morning deadline or anything.  So I’m flummoxed.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 06

The novel was adapted for the screen by six writers, though Herbert Fields gets onscreen credit for the screenplay.  One of the uncredited writers was Preston Sturges, who would go on to write Easy Living (1937), and eventually become a famous writer/director of such classics as The Lady Eve (1941), Sullivan’s Travels (1942), and The Palm Beach Story (1942).  The latter two star Joel McCrea; ergo, I love them.

Walter Lang directed this movie, and unfortunately, (for me), this film does not pair Joel McCrea with Lombard, nor her popular co-star Fred MacMurray, but don’t be too downcast.  In MacMurray’s place we get dashing, dark, and rather threatening Preston Foster, the villainous judge from The Harvey Girls (1946).
Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 08

You’ll see a bit later why he’s a good fit for this role.

The movie begins with an adorable animated Universal logo.   The little plane flies around the globe, and the words appear as it passes.

Love Before Breakfast Universal logo

But wait–Carole Lombard was under contract to Paramount!  Why is she in a film produced by Universal?  Paramount loaned her out in exchange for Universal’s actress Margaret Sullavan.  They wanted Sullavan for the movie So Red the Rose (1935), Universal agreed to swap Sullavan for Lombard for Love Before Breakfast.

This arrangement almost backfired, though.  Carole Lombard was pretty powerful and she hated the first versions of the scripts and refused to do the film.  But she eventually agreed to do Love Before Breakfast, and she got to bring a Paramount crew with her.

Ted Tetzlaff, a cinematographer she liked (who also shot The Princess Comes Across, Hands Across the Table, My Man GodfreyNotorious, The More the Merrier, and Easy Living), and her trusted costume designer, Travis Banton, who designed her costumes in The Princess Comes AcrossWe’re Not DressingHands Across the Table, and My Man Godfrey.

Banton designed her spectacular bias cut satin gowns and embellished fur coats, and everyone else’s clothes were designed by Universal’s costume designer Brymer.  (Though actors generally wore their own suits and would not get “costumes” unless it was a period piece.)

Love Before Breakfast creditsThis wasn’t so uncommon once an actress became powerful enough to demand it.  It was quite a feather in a costume designer’s cap to follow an actress from one studio to another, and a mark of status for the actress, too.  Barbara Stanwyck, for example, adored how she looked in Edith Head‘s designs in The Lady Eve, so she brought Head along any time she was loaned out.  This type of arrangement means you’ll see onscreen credits like this fairly often.

The title card and credits are wonderfully art deco, and the film opens with another 1930s deco staple: geometric shots of Manhattan skyscrapers, in this case the Empire State Building.  Now we know we’re in New York, and that this will be a movie about the people who live and work in such modern, sophisticated buildings.

Love Before Breakfast Empire State Montage

Kay Colby (Carole Lombard) is in love with Bill Wadsworth (Cesar Romero).  And crazy-rich and powerful Scott Miller (Preston Foster) is in love with Kay, though she continually rebuffs him.  She’s head-over-heels for Bill, and they’re engaged, but he doesn’t want to get married until he’s gotten richer.  Kay would marry him that moment, but he’s determined to make more money first.

Bill is employed by an oil company, so crazy-rich, (and just plain crazy) Scott buys the oil company and gets Bill transferred to Japan.  You know, the typical things men do when they’re in love.

Kay (in a fantastic beaded fur coat) accompanies Bill to his Japan-bound ship, and surprise, surprise!  They run into Scott, who’s at the dock to say goodbye to his Kay-placeholder, the Countess Campanella and her little dogs.  But he’s really there to comfort Kay once Bill sails away…

Kay’s quite upset to see her fiancé sail away for two whole years in Japan.  She’s even more upset when she sees him happily chatting with the Countess before the boat has even been unloosed from its moorings.

Love Before Breakfast goodbye

Ah, but there’s Scott with a clean handkerchief to make her feel better.

Love Before Breakfast goodbyes 2

He suggests they grab a cup of coffee.  I think I’ll start drinking coffee out of tea-cups, too.  It seems so glamorous when Miss Lombard does it. (For more on that tradition, check out History Through Hollywood: 2nd Edition.)
Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 21Kay knows Scott loves her, but she loves Bill!  And she’s annoyed by Scott’s persistence and his repeated proposals.  Her annoyance turns to anger when he unconcernedly reveals that he was the one who sent Bill away.

Plus, he keeps calling Bill “George,” to which Kay issues this charming comeback: “We call George “Bill” for short.”  The movie goes on from there with Scott chasing Kay and Kay eluding him, for a while.

I’m intrigued by this film because if you added some sinister music, this light comedy could very easily become a scary stalker movie.  For example, Kay storms out of the restaurant after Scott admits that he sent Bill to Japan as part of his scheme to marry Kay.  She makes her way through the city to a swanky club.

We’ll pause for a moment of appreciation for this beaded fur coat.  Banton knew how to make Lombard shimmer in black and white.

Love Before Breakfast beaded fur coat

Well, Scott follows her and badgers her and won’t leave her alone when she asks him to go.  Then he gets irate when a young man starts hitting on her…Scott starts a fight, the young man’s friends join in, and then Kay, Scott, and the young men are in a paddywagon.  And Kay has a painful looking black eye…that’s where the black-eyed Lombard on the poster comes from.  You can watch the scene here.

Can you imagine a modern day film poster featuring a battered female star with a black eye?  For a comedy?  I don’t think the same poster could be circulated today with a bruised Reese Witherspoon or Emma Stone.  It’s disturbing, and for me the entire movie lingers on the edge of amusing, snappy comedy and dark, obsessive love story.

The next day Kay’s mother (Janet Beecher), in a sharp black and white frock (how free her elbows must have felt!) suggests that Kay go to the beauty parlor to see if they can fix her black eye.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 25

Kay arranges a cunning little cap over her eye and heads out in a very chic suit.

But Mom is all for wealthy Scott, and she tells him where Kay has gone.  So Scott shows up at the beauty parlor, pays Kay’s beautician to go away, and appears at Kay’s side as she ices her eye.  (In the poster it’s Lombard’s left eye that’s bruised, in the movie it’s her right.  Meaningless.)  Creepy, right?

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 26

A few days later Kay goes riding and warns the groom that a man might come looking for her.  She says he is mentally unstable, and suggests they give him the craziest horse in the barn.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 27 - Version 2

Scott does show up, and heads off into the woods after his beloved, despite her best efforts to elude him.  Then his horse spooks, he falls, she’s concerned (she’s not a monster!), and he takes her horse and leaves her in the woods.  He’s a real charmer, that one.  But she finds a way to get back to the barn.

Here’s Carole Lombard with director Walter Lang as they film this sequence:

Kay remains devoted to the absent Bill, even though he hasn’t written her in ages.  She stays strong even when Scott sends her a puppy.  That’s how much she loves Bill.

Love Before Breakfast white dress

So Scott has sent Kay’s fiancé halfway around the world, punched her, sneaked up on her at the spa, tracked her down in the woods, and stolen her horse.  For his next trick he gets Kay’s date to a fancy dress party dangerously drunk so that Scott can escort Kay, instead.  Again, charming.

Honestly, though, I’m distracted from Scott’s despicable scheme by this incredible beaded, feathered, and pearl-draped outfit.  The front is basically sheer with some strategically placed beading, the back is almost nonexistent except for a T strap, there’s an entire flock of feathers in the skirt, three knee-length strands of pearls and a choker, and that hat!  There’s also a feather boa that goes with it.  Thanks to reader Doreen Marshall, I now know that Kay is dressed as Gaby Deslys, a French singer and dancer who became an international celebrity.

I think the movie itself is pretty distracted by this dress.  We first see it as Kay paces back and forth in her apartment waiting for her date and posing in the mirror, giving the audience a nice, full length view of the back and the front.  And look at how the dress was featured in the publicity for the movie: this lobby card shows the moment Kay’s date passes out at her door.  And they’ve imagined the dress in a pretty salmon pink.

We see it again in the right corner of this poster, and she’s wearing it as Scott embraces her, though this time it’s yellow.

And then of course the publicity photos:

Back to the movie.  Scott corners her on the terrace and tells her that he’s tired of chasing her, and if she really wants him to go away, he’ll go.  It’s a very glamorous, smoky, gorgeous scene.  But squint a little and you can imagine it slightly differently: Kay tries to look brave but really she’s terrified of this violent, obsessive brute of a man…

But he seems to have meant what he said on that smoky terrace.  He stops calling, stops tracking her down, stops incapacitating every man she talks to.

And you know what?  Turns out she misses him.  She paces back and forth in her art deco-with-an-Asian- theme apartment…

Love Before Breakfast apartment

…in a fabulous shimmery robe and silk pajama pants:

Love Before Breakfast Carole Lombard robe

Once she starts cuddling with the dog that Scott sent, you know what will happen next.

She ends up at his office with a proposition and a hairy coat.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 42 - Version 2

She’ll marry him, but only for his money.  She wants to be sure he realizes that she does not love him.  And she tells him that “It’s not going to be a taming of the shrew” situation.  Can he handle that?  (Of course the whole plot is a version of The Taming of the Shrew.)

Why, the old dog.  He was waiting for her:

Love Before Breakfast proposal

She thinks she gets to choose one engagement ring, but in fact he wants her to have all three so that she can switch when she feels like it.  Maybe he’s not such a creeper.  Or maybe I just want those rings…

They start spending time together (with her mother and her mother’s friend as chaperone) in a friendly way, and it all seems to be going fine.  Her mother appears to be fond of gardenias.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 68

Scott teaches Kay a fun game with matchsticks.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 46

And she wears the hell out of a gorgeous black gown.  Well done, Banton, well done.

Love Before Breakfast Carole Lombard black dress
But Scott was lying when he said he was fine with her not loving him.  He wants her heart, you see, and he has a plan to get it.  He brings Bill back from Japan and releases Kay from their engagement.  He wants her to choose.  And, just for good measure, Scott makes her mad so she runs even faster back to Bill.

Scott picks back up with the Countess, and naturally they all run into each other at a swanky restaurant where the dance floor stays still but the tables around the edge spin like a merry-go-round.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 50

Notice how the background has changed between these two images, though Kay and Bill haven’t switched tables.  It sounds like a terrible idea to have tables on a moving floor, but it makes Kay and Bill’s conversation more visually interesting, and dizzying, than a typical table talk.

Love Before Breakfast Carole Lombard spinning table

Let us pause again for a look at this latest Banton confection, complete with orchid at Lombard’s décolletage.  There’s even a cape.

Love Before Breakfast Carole Lombard white dress

Now it’s a battle of pride for Kay, because in her heart she loves Scott, but she told him that he was despicable and that she loved Bill.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 59 - Version 2And so on.  When Scott invites Kay and Bill to his country estate for the weekend, she says they’ve made a prior engagement to go on a friend’s yacht.

Unbeknownst to her, Scott decides to change his house party to a yacht party, just to be on hand, you know.  Creeper.

And he invites Kay’s mother.

When Kay and her mother arrive at the yacht club, Kay is dismayed when she realizes that she is impeccably overdressed for the little sloop Bill has acquired.

Kay’s mother, who has brought the dog Scott gave Kay, makes a killer comment about Kay’s little boat: “It’s cunning, Kay.  Do you get into it or put it on?”

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 71 - Version 2 (1)

Scott anchors his yacht near Bill and Kay, and kindly invites them to join his party.  But Kay refuses.  Oh, her pride!  She’s not having much fun with Bill, though.

Love Before Breakfast coffee

She’s totally over it.  Scott’s invitations get more urgent as a storm comes up and threatens to capsize the little boat.

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 63

Kay finally comes aboard Scott’s yacht. She wraps up in a big robe and they somehow, inexplicably make up.  And the film ends with a wedding:

Love Before Breakfast-Carole Lombard - 64

Enjoy!  But first, how cool is this photograph taken in 1936 in Atlanta?

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Love Before Breakfast Carole Lombard costumes

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  1. I was happy to find this in-depth review of Love Before Breakfast–I liked the movie a lot. Some clarification on the gown that Carole wears to the costume party…she is dressed as Gaby Deslys. Although completely forgotten now, Gaby was the first glamorous international superstar. She died in 1920 but would have still been fresh in the minds of people 16 years later. The unmistakable Gaby trademarks are all there–towering feather hats, feather bedecked costume (Cecil Beaton called Gaby a human aviary), different lengths of pearls (Gaby’s were real, and they are seen often in photos of her) and large pearl rings. The long strand of pearls were supposedly given to Gaby by King Manuel I of Portugal during the relationship she had with him. Constant news articles about them catapulted her career. Backless gowns were new in the Edwardian era and Gaby wore them then, they were also at the height of popularity in the mid-thirties. Not only did Gaby inspire Cecil Beaton’s costume for Audrey Hepburn (the Ascot Race scene), but her legacy lives on in the the costumes and headdresses still worn by showgirls. She inspired the look of the Ziegfeld Follies, Casino de Paris and Follies Bergere. A current character on the BBC series “Mr Selfridge” is based on her–Ellen Love. Gaby had a real-life affair with Gordon Selfridge.

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