Classic Movie Gift Guide

Do you need a mid-week treat? Are you hoping to flaunt your classic movie style at the beach this summer? Or perhaps you’d like to add some nostalgic glamour to your home? Then read on for my favorite Classic Hollywood-inspired goodies!

And be sure to check out my first Classic Movie Gift Guide for my favorite classic Hollywood books, DVD and Blu-Ray suppliers, streaming services, and various other treats! Happy shopping!

Esther Williams started a swimwear company that is carrying on her fantastic swimming fashion! It can be hard to find “vintage style” bathing suits, but with Esther Williams Swimwear you get the real thing! I’m partial to the sheath one-piece, but you can check out the different styles here (they start at $79). Have fun choosing from the incredible color and print options, including this summer’s trendy gingham!


  • A fantastic hat to lend extra elegance to your beach attire! And sun protection, of course.

Anthropologie has some stunning toppers that evoke Old Hollywood glamour and would look lovely with an Esther Williams suit! These three cost between $58 and $228, and there are plenty more lovely options here in all price ranges.

And if you’re hankering for the personalized broad-brim beauties you’ve seen all over Instagram, head to Etsy!

These three are from the Etsy shops HarryGirlCreationsTheVelvetButtercup, and ShopWhiteElephant. They are available starting around $13 and going up to about $75, so there’s a hat for every budget! Plus, there are so many colors, sequins, pom poms, ribbons, and other custom options that you should have no trouble finding the perfect combination.


  • An adorable “bathing beauty” pin!

These cuties from the Etsy shop LouTaylorStudio start at $52 and would look great on your beach bag or chapeau! They’re each big enough to be a statement piece and come in various color combinations.


  • A vintage gin ad that will cool you down even on the hottest summer day!

This great Seagram’s Gin ad is from the Etsy shop EncorePrintSociety. It will immediately add some retro flair to your bar (even if your bar is just a bottle of gin and some tonic!) The shop has an amazing selection of mid-century ads starting at just $9.95! I highly recommend browsing through.


  • Vintage movie-themed washi tape from the Etsy shop TapesKingdom

This adorable tape is sure to liven up packages, scrapbooks, notebooks, greeting cards–you name it! It’s a steal at $2.59.


  • Vintage makeup for some classic glamour!

Remember Tangee, the famous orange lipstick that adapts to your perfect shade? Or Max Factor Pan-Stik makeup, the favorite of Hollywood starlets? You can get these vintage finds and more, including perfume brands from long ago, at the Vermont Country Store. The lipstick retails for $14.95, and the Pan-Stik for $19.95.


Pond’s Cold Cream has been around since the 19th century. It was a crucial part of a woman’s nightly ritual for decades, and you can still buy it from most drugstores for under $5.


  • A classic vanity at which to apply your makeup/cold cream! 

You can find some extraordinary (and expensive!) antique vanities at, or purchase a relatively inexpensive modern piece at Amazon, Pottery Barn, Target, Pier 1, and other stores. These start at around $60 and go up to $350.

If an entire vanity set isn’t an option, you can still get the feel of one with this tray/mirror combo from Pottery Barn that would be perfect on a dresser.

And of course you need gorgeous containers and trays to dress up your vanity!


  • A fantastic telephone dial compact mirror for touchups on-the-go!

You can find this vintage-inspired Kate Spade compact at for $22.99.


  • Stickers for your laptop or wall from the Etsy shop Mirshkastudio!

There are tons of designs including these from Singin’ in the Rain and The Wizard of Oz. They start at $7.50–what a delightful way to celebrate your favorite films!


  • Vintage-inspired mixing bowls to bring some classic style to the kitchen!

These glowing white and minty green glass bowls feel retro and well-loved even if they’re new! You can buy these fantastic Mosser mixing bowls at Crate and Barrel in “jadeite” and “milk” for $65, as well as matching cake stands. The Vermont Country Store has Mosser plates, and Amazon has a large selection of Mosser glass products, too.



A cute and subtle way to add some classic movie flair to your lapel or bag!

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve found something that made you smile.

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  1. Cameron
    Tangee lipstick was the first one I ever used. It did not give me any color at all, but I did not care—after all I was putting on lipstick and that was all that mattered. Auntie Ellen

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